Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the method of improving the ranking of your website with famous search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo etc. like Forelogix Interactive is Professional SEO firm. we help to improve search engine rankings for clients by modifying their websites and contents to better reflect what search engines are looking for.


Overview of SEO Services


Forelogix Interactive have team of certified professional who are champ of SEO industry from a very long time we increased the search engine rank and site traffic of many company. With the help of expert copy writers and continuous research of keywords Forlelogix Interactive work hard to deliver best in the industry.

Forelogix Interactive initiates all SEO services with a complete study, carefully review and do analysis of a your website to recognize possible areas of enhancement. This free of charge, consultation can help to recognize problems with dynamic,r duplicate content, Flash and session ID numbers, poor-quality back links and any other factors impacting a site’s ranking.


Competitor review & Analysis

Forelogix Interactive provides free of charge competitor website review and analysis to identify the edge you can have.

Website & visitor behavior Analysis

We review you website content and traffic also we do complete analysis of all pages, visitors behavior and time spent on your website, with this analysis we get complete picture of your website so we can develop a strategy to improve areas of your site and help your search engine rankings.


HTML Analysis

We will do complete assessment of your HTML codes to make certain that it is accurately formatted to be chosen up by search engine.

HTML Structure Analysis

Forelogix Interactive provides HTML Structure Analysis so your website can attract search engine spiders.


Website Design Analysis

We can perform an analysis to see if your website design is utilizing tools which make it less than SEO-friendly.

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