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Forelogix Interactive is best, economical and result orientated  social media marketing agency in Malaysia. our social media marketing services are focused on delivering excellence. From brand awareness to sales we make sure that we achieve each and every goal. Forelogix Interactive have expert team for Facebook, you tube, Google Adwords, twitter, yahoo, etc marketing.


Forelogix Interactive social media marketing


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Most of companies have social media marketing budget but they are not sure from where they can start? We provide consultation on how and where to start. We can analyze your requirements, outline opportunities, and prescribe specific Media to use.

Social Media Marketing Consultation

Most of social media “experts” think that Sharing post, or getting thousands of likes or comments is a success full social media campaign, but did it help you to get results? May be your competitor is generating likes to give you false signal. Forelogix Interactive believe that a successful campaign began with goal setting and ends at those goal achieved. We give full consultation on strategy, goal setting and how we are going to achieve it.


Media Recommendations

There are thousands of social media channels, but do have to utilize all those channels? After understanding your goals, our social media experts will guide you how and which channels are useful for our campaign.

Social Media Audit

Are you participating on right social media platforms? What is your presence on social media? Are you utilizing it? Who are people following you, are the genuine? Our social media expert team has certified and best consultants to help and audit, we do complete and comprehensive audit and deliver detailed report.


Competitive Analysis

Is your competitor doing an amazing job with social media? How they are managing their videos, blogs, campaign, or community building? Forelogix Interactive expert team of social media analyst will analyze competitor strategy and will mark areas where our clients are not doing well. We help our clients to have competitive edge and make them stand out from crowd.

Social Profile Creation

We will analyze the social media platform where you should be participating and where people are talking about you. We’ll also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation.


Blog Design, Setup and/or Optimization

Is you blog set up correctly? Blog which are not properly setup won’t attract visitors and you can lose search engine benefits you need. Forelogix interactive team will work with you to find the best blogging needs, help you optimize your blog , will give expert advice in tweaking and optimization to get full benefits

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